Hi, Steve Jobs. I am a man, so I don’t use pad :D :D :D

For a long time to wait and with a lot of rumors, I saw the Mac tablet last night with named iPad. But what you see the real tablet is not what you though about it before. I think you will disappoint like me :

Design: The first impression to me, this tablet is quiet similar to big size of iPod touch …  The screen 4:3 ratio is comfortable for reading ebooks, browsing photos … but not for video 😦

No Flash Player supporting: Flash is one of the most popular web technology, everyone who use iPad will say no with all interactive flash website.

Mutitask: Still bad like iphone and iPod touch. What do you think when you own MAC computer but it does not support multitasking ? I don’t understand why this product came without MAC OS inside.

No integrated camera:  You buy a 3G product and it have no camera, so you cannot use video conference feature, one of the most interested thing in 3G world =))

No USB, No extended memory card:  You must buy these accessories from Apple or you must connect this iPad to computer to transfer data.

Conclusion: I WILL NOT BUY OR PLAN TO BUY a stupid product.

I close this post with funny video. Check it out and you will understand what people laughs at the name iPad =))


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