Pictures: Sony Ericsson Faith

I hope this is not a fake since  I’ve seen some new pictures of a new unannounced Sony Ericsson phone called “Faith” at  This phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 . I don’t like Windows Mobile, but you should think twice the advantage of using windows if you’re business man.

A few top feature that I am interested.
* Multi-tasking with delight
* Panels for 24 hours life
* Sleek design with beautiful ergonomic
* Qwerty keypad with good usability
* 2.4” QVGA touch screen
* Micro Sd Card slot
Bearer: HSDPA, WLAN, GSM Quadband (850/ 900/ 1800/1900), UMTS Dualband (900/ 2100), EDGE

It’s so sweet with both touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, and it’s 3G phone. I don’t know when it come to my country, but SE’s products have never came with cheep price


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