Greeting Christmas season, turn your E63 into white

I found this article on that guides you to change the new cover for your Nokia E63.  It’ve been one year since I bought for my own one Nokia E63 and its cover is in blue. The original version of E63 came with 2 color red and blue. A few months later, Nokia released the E63 Music Edition with black cover. It seems all the version of “Music Edition” are always in black cover. I prefer one E63 black rather than the blue one, but I could not find the replacement for blue cover. The member in forum has a new white cover and he starts to transform his black E63 to white.


2 thoughts on “Greeting Christmas season, turn your E63 into white

  1. Hi,

    They did a great job on that phone. Did you get to change yours? I currently have the blue E63 and I really want to change the housing into white. I’ve inquired with Nokia several times and they told me they don’t change the cover unless it has been damaged and when they do, they replace the damaged one with the same color it originally came in.

    In any case, do you know where I can find the same housing that’s on your pictures? There are several stores here in Manila that sell white E63 housing but they look really fake. You can see that in the original white Nokia E63, even the area bordering the screen is white. However, those that I’ve come across are white housing but the “face” (area around the screen) is still black.

    Hope you can entertain the question.

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Hello Patricia,
    In Vietnam, most of phone accessories such as cover or housing, charger, batteries come from China, Hong Kong and can be found from several stores around Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi city.
    The guy posted these pictures above got E63 while housing from China, but someone got from Ebay. Please see this link

    I did not turn my E63 into while, but the black when the warranty over. I did myself because Nokia Care refused to do.

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