PureMVC – part 1: Introduction

Several months ago, I was working on a microsite for Sony Erricsson C905. As the request from client that our developement team must apply Flex and Cairngorm framework. Cairngorm was the most mature frameworks out there and used it with Flex  made me too impressed. My team took too much advantage since using Cairngorm. When the project done and won praise from client, I decided to verify Cairngorm for some new Flash projects. But the Cairngorm was designed for Flex only, missing “mediator” concept – Cairngorm takes advantage of “bindable” feature to notify the changes for all component. Unfortunately, most of the projects are Flash and it cannot use Cairngorm as primary framework. I have googled (yep, I am using “google” as a verb) some frameworks for Flash/Flex projects and I found PureMVC

PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model, View and Controller concept. It was originally implemented in the ActionScript 3 language for use with Adobe Flex, Flash and AIR, but is now being ported to all major development platforms. PureMVC supports C#, ColdFusion, haXe, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python … Although PureMVC is built on the traditional Model-View-Controller meta-pattern, you cannot create or directly manipulate these entities. The Model, View and Controller are already implemented in PureMVC as singletons and are essentially hidden. You do not develop Model, View and Controller classes but implement proxy, mediator, and command classes that broker the communication in your application.

This Conceptual Diagram that explained the PureMVC architecture

pureMVC conceptual diagram
pureMVC conceptual diagram

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