A few words for Flash Develop

Developing a Flash/Flex with ActionScript is not popular with the most web developer in Vietnam ( just my opinion ;), my company got quiet difficult to employee flash developer). So when I try to explain about my works, some developers cannot image how can I create a flash project, manage the code. Not a Visual Studio with .NET, not a Netbeans or Eclipse for Java and PHP, it is Flash Develop, absolutly free and lite … and quite cool to manage an ActionScript (flash/flex) projects.

Here some screenshots  (taken from Flash Develop office site ) you can review and feel … :


  • FlashDevelop has a nice docking interface that you can reorganize as you like.
  • Get the latest product information and updates from the Start Page.
  • Manage your project using the Project panel: create classes from templates, embed assets.

AS2, AS3 and haXe languages support

  • FlashDevelop has built-in support for many workflows.
  • Flash CS3, Flex SDK, Mtasc/haXe+Swfmill are seamlessly integrated.

Navigate in your code

  • The Outline panel gives you an overview of your code.
  • Click in the tree to jump in the code or open imported classes.
  • Note that anywhere in your code you can also press F4 to jump to the declaration of the element at cursor position.

Keep track of your project state

  • The Tasks panel help you track your project state: see what you have TODO or the BUGs to fix.
  • If these are not enough, add your custom keywords.

Compilers integration

  • See compiler errors in the Results panel – double-click on errors to jump to the reported error location.
  • This panel captures Flash CS3, Flex SDK, Mtasc and haXe compilers – in fact it can capture any tool executed by FlashDevelop if the error output format is recognized.

Text encoding

  • Easily transform or convert your documents text encoding.

Text operations

  • Comment/uncomment, transpose/duplicate lines, change casing,…

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